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Richard Frame and John Frost's Grave Stone

  Richard Frame and  John Frost's Grave Stone  On Richard Frame's regular trips to Newport Museum and Art gallery he would always pause at the cabinet that housed the Chartist Collection. It  included a photograph of John Frost’s house in Stapleton, near Bristol, where he went to live with his wife and daughter when he was finally allowed to return to Britain in 1856. John Frost was  born on 25th May 25 1784,  in  Newport , Monmouthshire, and died on  27  July 1877, near   Bristol .  He was a hero of  Chartism  which was  the first mass political reform movement and was leader of the Newport rising of November 4, 1839, in which about 20 Chartists were killed by troops.  He was a prosperous draper and tailor in Newport and served as a member of Newport’s first elected town council from 1835, and as a magistrate from 1836–39 and mayor from 1836–37. He was a   delegate   from Monmouthshire to the Chartist convention in London between February to September 1839 and occasionally was