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John Frost's Grave Stone

  John Frost's Grave Stone  by  Richard Frame On my regular trips to Newport Museum and Art gallery I would always pause at the cabinet that housed the Chartist Collection, which included a photograph of John Frost’s house in Stapleton, near Bristol, where he went to live with his wife and daughter when he was finally allowed to return to Britain in 1856.             Since 1983 I’d been living on Bassaleg Road and had taken an interest in locating those people buried in St Woolos Cemetery who had played a role in the development of the town. It wasn’t just those who had grand memorials to keep their names alive: I was equally interested in the dips in the ground of those unknown souls who played their part as well. This meant long periods thumbing through old newspapers in Newport Reference Library and seeking out their stories.             It occurred to me that I didn’t know where John Frost was buried. Was his body brought back to Newport after his death in 1877 or was it pu