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A Roman Soldier Visits Newport Museum and Art Gallery

  A Roman Soldier Visits Newport Museum and Art Gallery On Thursday Verdun Howells the Education Officer at the National Roman Legion Museum visited Newport Museum and Art Gallery. Many children came to see him and talk about his life as a Roman Soldier - something about which he knew a great deal having worked at the National Roman Legion Museum at Caerleon for many years. But he was also there to talk about the Roman collection in the museum and as he was in that section of the museum he was drawing attention to the excellent collection of artefacts. It is never easy to take photographs in the Museum because of the lighting which is designed to protect the exhibits. Here is Verdun dressed as a Roman Legionary and as there was no one in this section of the gallery at the time I asked him to draw his sword. This was something he had not been able to do when other people were in the gallery for health and safety reasons, but when I visited there was no one around.   Behind Verdun is a d