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The Caerwent Iron Age Head  

This Celtic head was found in Caerwent in what was then the Romanised civitas capital of the Silures Tribe, Venta Silurum. The head was made of yellow quartz sandstone and was carved in a simple native Iron Age style. It was found in a shrine discovered in the garden area of a 4th century Roman style dwelling, House 8. 

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Stone Heads
This head may have already been very old in the 4th century and may have represented a local Iron Age deity. It was never attached to a torso. It is known from ancient literary sources that the native Iron Age peoples, who originally occupied most of northern Europe from Hungary to the British Isles, represented human heads in their art. Possibly the human head represented the seat of mankind’s magical energy. Stone heads similar to this one have survived in large numbers, especially in the upland regions of northern England (the Pennines, the Peak District, and Cumbria). Such stone heads were…